This blog was developed for students as a reference project for more insights on pimcore and symfony and is not actively maintained.

Hello and welcome to dave's weblab. This page is a small blog about technical and development based things that either bothered me in the past weeks or that I took interest in. First of all, that's me:

As you can see I'm a cat person. Why is that important? Exactly this proposition might lead to various cat themed examples in code and theory, just to get you prepared.

Other than that I studied computer science at the University in Innsbruck and got my Master's degree in Interactive Media at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Hagenberg. As you can see im from Austria, to be exact from a small village in Tyrol, which means that my native language is german.

I specialize in PHP development with Symfony 3 using Pimcore and in Javascript / Typescript development with ember.js and lately React. This will lead to various posts about functionalities that are quite interesting when developing with either Pimcore or ember.js. But that doesn't mean that his blog will only be about PHP and Javascript / Typescript, which is another story that you will find out when keeping up with the blog.