I will go with the thesis that you found your way to this page by searching something with google, that you need for work or someone gave you a hint to avoid this blog and you did the contrary to prove a point. It doesn't really matter, all that counts is that you are here and still reading onwards.

The famous hello world which every one of us wrote at least once during our career. Every time I see it somewhere it takes me back some years with a small note of nostalgia by its side. It feels like yesterday writing my first lines of C and assembly. Good days ... Good days. But today I shall use the meaning of hello world for something else. Not teaching you how to write your first program in a new language, but actually teaching you the ways of this blog.

class DavesWeblab extends Controller
    public function helloWorldAction(DavesMind $davesMind)

Before taking even more of your sweet working time, this blog is described in pretty much one sentence: "Its a blog about technical and development relevant things that either took hours of my life or my interest including things like PHP dev, Javascript dev, Arduino and microboards, ...". Sounds good? Well it is and I hope you will use this opportunity to navigate to various other posts and read them until the end.

At this point in time, as this blog is in its version 0.3-alpha, a lot of things have not been implemented yet, including social logins, comments and more. They will come though, no worries, I'm using Pimcore to build it after all so nothing is impossible. With that said I hope you enjoy your stay and roll on. Bye!


David Riedl
5 years ago